Pensions Regulator Spot Checks in East Midlands

auto enrolmentThe Pensions Regulator has started doing spot checks in the East Midlands to make sure employers are meeting their auto enrolment obligations.  The checks will highlight employers who have not taken the necessary steps to become or remain compliant.

The spot checks began in London, but this will be the first time checks have been done in the East Midlands.  Inspections have already been carried out in Sheffield, Birmingham and Greater Manchester at short-notice.

The Pensions Regulator also says that these checks will help them understand if employers are facing any unnecessary challenges that they can help them with, such as improving systems.

The Pensions Regulators Compliance and Enforcement bulletin showed that between July and September 2017 the Pensions Regulator issued a total of 5,479 fixed penalty notices and 1,433 escalating penalty notices.

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