Same Day DBS Checks Now Available

DBS ChecksWe are delighted to announce that APCS, the organisation through whom Payroll Masters processes our DBS checks, is now able to offer processing timescales for DBS Basic Disclosures the same day with some cases being returned in only a matter of minutes!

Customers have commented that these rapid turnaround times are speeding up recruitment times.

The online application has a question which asks Yes or No if the applicant is working in England or Wales and a question asking if the applicant wants his/her certificate to be sent to an alternative address. There is also a question on the identity checking page which asks which business or industry sector the applicant will be working in.

Payroll Masters receives an electronic notification of the result of each Basic Disclosure and we forward these to the relevant contact on your account. The DSB continue to automatically forward the certificate to the applicant’s home address, but the applicant can now choose to have their disclosure certificate sent to a different address, such as an organisation’s address or a relative’s address.

For more information visit our DBS checks page or contact us.

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