Should Workers On Sleep-in Shifts Be Paid?

Payroll Services BirminghamAccording to the Court of Appeal, the answer is no. They made this ruling in July 2018 after they heard an appeal from Mencap, against an employment appeal tribunal decision of April 2017.

UNISON has now asked the Supreme Court to hear their appeal as they hope to reverse this latest decision which they believe the Court of Appeal got completely wrong.

On the website it states that “A sleep shift in the night period (e.g. care worker) counts as working hours if the worker is both on call and in the workplace.” And “Workers on a sleep shift must be paid the National Minimum Wage.”

Seems clear enough, but payroll calculations and regulations can be complicated. This is why the outsourced payroll service provided by Payroll Masters makes sense. We guarantee accuracy and can ensure that you are compliant with all the necessary rules and regulations and we do the calculations! If you want to pass the hassle of your payroll function to experts and free up your time to grow your business please get in touch with our team at our Birmingham head office.

The Pensions Regulator Prosecutes An Accountant For False Information

Payroll BirminghamFor the first time The Pensions Regulator is prosecuting not an employer, but their accountant for allegedly falsely claiming that the staff employed by his client, Gran Caffee Londra had been enrolled in a workplace pension scheme, when he knew this was not correct. The TPS allege that he did this to avoid an inspection that would have revealed that Gran Caffee Londra had not automatically enrolled their employees into a workplace pension scheme.

The accountant has been charged with knowingly or recklessly providing false or misleading information to TPR. The accountant, was due to appear at Brighton Magistrates Court.

Choosing your business service providers such as your accountant or outsourced payroll service should be done with great care. These third parties are going to have to give you news that you don’t want to hear from time to time, but this is probably the best advice you are going to get from them.  Advice that will protect you from falling foul of legislation and regulations.

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A Fifth Of Employers Provide A Payroll Loan Scheme – Would You?

Payroll services birminghamAfter receiving a press release from the Co-op our professional body the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) were so intrigued that they decided to run a poll.

The press release stated that UK workers could save more than £250 million a year in interest rate charges if their employers had a payroll loan scheme.

CIPP ran their poll for the month of July and into the beginning of August and found that of the 352 respondents a fifth (19%) already had an employee loan scheme. The team here at Payroll Masters were pleasantly surprised.  The poll also found that 27% of respondents would consider offering such a scheme.  34% said they would not consider a scheme and the last 19% were unsure.  The uncertainty of this latter group of companies could be they were worried about what is involved or afraid of an admin burden.

This is where Payroll Masters can help. Payroll departments (including us as your outsourced payroll department) can play a vital role in helping employees with their financial awareness and we can help you set up a payroll loan scheme.  This could have significant benefits for your employees and is an employee benefit that demonstrates social responsibility and could help you keep your best people.

Please contact us for a discussion about payroll loan schemes and all your payroll needs.