Unbelievable Gender Pay Gap Data To Be Investigated

Payroll BirminghamIn the UK every employer with over 250 employees is required to report their gender pay gap data to The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), every April.  This year most organisations have done this. The few that haven’t have been contacted by the EHRC and formal investigations have been opened.

The EHRC is not a body to be trifled with.  They mean business and they have now shifted their attention to going after the organisations who have submitted suspicious-looking data.  For example, reports of a 50/50 split of male and female employees and claims of no pay gap from the lowest-paid to the highest-paid roles.

Interestingly, EHRC has requested the payroll data from these organisations, as well as an explanation of the rationale for their figures.

So, as an employer you not only have to get your gender pay gap data in on time, you also have to ensure it is accurate, because it is very clear that the data is scrutinised by EHRC.

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