Use Our Forum & Tap Into The Knowledge Of Your Peers

Payroll BirminghamSometimes the best way to get a straight answer is to ask people who are just like yourself! On the Payroll Masters website, we have a Forum and a brand new video to show you how to use it.

We are encouraging all of our clients and staff to use this great facility, so if you don’t already have a login for our website, click here and register it is very easy and we just need a bare minimum of information to get you set up.

Once you are registered you can go to the Forum and ask questions about anything, not just payroll related matters.  Of course, if you do have a payroll related matter one of our team will answer it straight-away.  But with any question you have, the benefit of putting your question on the Forum is that all of our other clients will be able to see it and the answer.  So, you could be helping others by using our Forum.

Our clients include people with disabilities, public sector bodies, schools and businesses. So whether you want to ask about recruiting a carer or the best place to buy products or services, or comment about something you’ve heard in the “news”, we are sure you will find a wealth of knowledge, information and experience amongst your peers.

Enjoy using our Forum or for more information please contact our payroll experts at our Birmingham office.

Employees Say No To Christmas Party, Yes To Regular Rewards

Outsourced Payroll BirminghamWith the memory of last month’s office Christmas Party fading, you might be thinking about what you might do at the end of this year.  Well, if you have found organising the Xmas bash a thankless task, this might be why.  Maybe you are not giving your employees what they truly value.

Reward Gateway conducted a survey of 1400 employees and senior decision-makers in the UK, USA and Australia.  The survey found that most staff would prefer to get rewards that were offered throughout the year, rather than a Christmas party or Christmas bonus.

58% of recent graduates opted for more frequent rewards rather than a Christmas bonus and overall, over half of staff said they would forego the Christmas party if they could have access to ongoing rewards, recognition and savings. Maybe what you’ve done traditionally needs a re-think.

But whatever you decide to do, you have to process any rewards and bonuses appropriately through your payroll taking into account the tax and NI treatment of various benefits and expenses.  We can take that hassle away from you, if you outsource your payroll to us.  And, we can give you advice on what rewards programme to put in place from a tax and NI point of view. Contact our payroll experts at our Birmingham head office.