About Us

About Us

Payroll Masters was founded in 2005 by business partners Prosper and Tahir.  Based in Birmingham we work across the UK.  We were at the forefront of providing payroll services to disabled people who manage their own care through the Direct Payments scheme and we have now expanded our customer base to include local authorities, other public sector organisations, schools and businesses.

We belong to the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

An Introduction To Our Partners

Prosper and Tahir had worked together before they jointly founded Payroll Masters.  Together they identified a gap in the market for a business that could offer not only payroll services that were accurate and efficient, but also had a very strong emphasis on managing relationships with their clients.  At Payroll Masters as our business grows our clients’ needs will always remain at the heart of how we run of the company.

Prosper Chidzomba - Partner

A Certified Accountant (ACCA), Prosper’s background is in accounting and payroll.  He enjoys working with people from different backgrounds and has a very adaptable and flexible approach to people and situations.  He absolutely loves payroll and especially difficult and challenging payroll assignments. He sees these as a personal challenge and knows he has the experience, attitude and determination to conquer any payroll conundrum!

Tahir Amin - Partner

A trained and qualified Certified Accountant Fellow (FCCA), Tahir is a numbers man with his background in accounting and payroll.  He lives and breathes numbers and has successfully run his own accountancy practice for over 15 years with great success and client retention.  Tahir excels at creating control methods and systems which enhance accuracy and accountability.  It is these skills that have enabled Payroll Masters to develop systems that result in exceptionally high levels of accuracy and customer satisfaction.

An Introduction To Our Team

We strive to ensure that everyone feels valued and part of a team, but we prefer to say part of our Payroll Masters family!

We employ highly skilled people and whenever possible we promote from within the business by providing the training and support to enable individuals to achieve this.

Our flexible working patterns have contributed to a lively and thriving working environment that fits around the needs of our team, as well as the business.  This has boosted both productivity and performance, we enjoy great loyalty because we encourage and engage with the team in almost every aspect of the business and we avoid bureaucracy. Hence our staff turnover is very low.

Our Vision

Our ambition is for Payroll Masters to become one of the largest payroll companies in the UK, developing the most innovative solutions so we can provide our clients with better and simpler payroll solutions.

Our Business Ethics

We are honest and transparent with our staff and customers in all our dealings with them

When we make a promise to our customers we keep it and if we cannot fulfil it, we tell the customer the truth

Every customer receives the same service constantly and unconditionally.  Every customer can be assured that Payroll Masters will demonstrate reliability and loyalty and our team is devoted to providing a good service

We are open-minded, willing to admit when we are wrong and always strive to be better next time. After all, we are human!

We at Payroll Masters are constantly updating our knowledge and systems in order to maintain excellence in performing our duties, remain well informed and prepared.  We constantly endeavour to increase our proficiency in all areas of our responsibility to our customers.

Treating Customers Fairly

Our company culture has the client at the centre of all we do and we are committed to treating customers fairly.

We will regularly ask you how we are doing and for your comments, compliments and complaints which are collected and analysed.

If something goes wrong we really want to know about it and learn from what has happened. We have a customer complaints form and procedure. You can complete our customer complaints form online, or contact us and we will put one in the post or email it to you.