Commercial Services

We have NEVER lost a client owing to poor service

We GUARANTEE payroll accuracy

Payroll For Businesses And Organisations Made Easy

Our specialist payroll and related services are used by organisations throughout the UK including some of the largest local authorities in the country.

We offer a fresh approach that is friendly, professional and very efficient.  We guarantee payroll accuracy levels, we listen and build relationships between our team and your staff. This leads to a successful partnership and a seamless, hassle-free full payroll service.

Our full service payroll solution includes auto enrolment, pension administration, HR services and DBS checks.

Over the years we have found that our customers come to Payroll Masters because they want excellent accuracy, reliability, efficiency and communication.  We have never lost a client owing to poor service.  We are human and when things don’t go to plan we find a solution.  See what our clients say.

Guaranteed Accuracy

Our systems and cross-checking procedures ensure accuracy

Better payroll reporting, we make it easier for you to integrate information into your overall budgets and costings

If you’ve got a specific problem we will create a bespoke solution

Assured Reliability

Peace of mind that HMRC fines and penalties for late submissions of information or inaccurate reporting will be avoided

Reduced complaints and happier staff because they will be paid on time and their payslips, P60s and other documentation will be correct and on time

Save Time And Reduce Costs

Increase departmental productivity

Free up your payroll personnel to work on other tasks to help your business or organisation do what you do best

Your accountant will have more time to work on management accounts, budgets and cost control

Clear Communication

A dedicated, named payroll contact who will get to know you

Simple, easy to understand payslips and reports

Pre-launch audit before you go live with Payroll Masters to make sure the implementation will run smoothly

We’ll regularly ask you how we are performing

Next Step

Contact us for a no obligation conversation to discuss your business payroll services or your organisation’s payroll requirements, arrange a meeting or obtain a quote.

We have NEVER lost a client owing to poor service

We GUARANTEE payroll accuracy