DBS Checks

Applying for a DBS check with Payroll Masters is easy and quick, and we are here to help if you have any difficulties completing the application process.

Payroll Masters offers a full DBS (formally CRB) checking service.

ADULT FIRST CHECK (Allows you to make immediate recruitment decisions),usually takes 24 hours to receive result.

We can request the DBS Adult First check (Formerly ISA/POVA), which can only be done if you are  applying for an Enhanced DBS check or, alternatively you can call or email us  to request the Adult First check if you have already applied for an enhanced DBS check and are still waiting for the result.

The results are usually issued the same day, but can take up to a maximum of 72 hours to come back.

Our costs are:

  • ADULT FIRST CHECK – £11.99
  • ADULT FIRST CHECK together with ENHANCED DBS check – £71.49
  • For an ENHANCED DBS check  – £59.50 *(Processing time 7 – 10 days, or less in some cases)
  • For a STANDARD DBS  check    – £32.00 *(Processing time 7 – 10 days, or less in some cases)
  • For a BASIC Disclosure              – £31.00 *(Processing time is 7 – 10 days, or less in some cases)

For DBS ‘UPDATE’ service :

£13.00 per year  *(useful for APPLICANT to reduce future dbs check costs by their dbs being constantly updated. Note this is an Applicant ONLY managed service and must be done or setup within 30 days of the date on first dbs certificate of applicant, on the DBS government website)


Application Process Explained

We’ve broken the application process down into these easy to follow steps.  The applications are straightforward and take about 10 minutes to complete.

Step 1

Make your Payment to us using the PAYPAL Link or BACS details at the bottom of this page

Step 2

We will issue you with a UNIQUE CODE that you will need for the online application form

Step 3

When you have got your UNIQUE CODE follow this link to apply for a DBS check now www.onlinecrbcheck.co.uk

Step 4

Enter your UNIQUE CODE User ID in the ‘User ID field’ in the ‘Create Account’ section of the website (your UNIQUE CODE will have been issued by Payroll Masters or your employer can give you this code)

Step 5

Create a password, this must be at least 8 characters in length

Step 6

Confirm your password then click on the ‘Create Account’ button and make your application.  All validation is done online meaning no mistakes

Step 7

Once you have made your application an email is instantly sent to your nominated ID checker’s email inbox letting them know that you have completed your application.  The ID checker (usually Payroll Masters) will be asked to confirm your identity.


At this point you will need to send us the I.D documentation you will have selected on the DBS application page.

You can use the link below, to download EVERNOTE SCANNABLE, a document scanning app  (FREE) onto your iphone or ipad:

You can also use the link below, to download CAM SCANNER, a document scanning app  (FREE) onto your android device:

Then when this is done, use evernote to SCAN, then EMAIL the I.D documents to us.

Step 8

Your ID checker simply clicks on the link in the email and is presented with the following screen:

Step 9

Your ID checker ticks the relevant boxes (AFTER checking your ID documents) and clicks the submit button.  Your ID checker must have checked the original or scanned documents used to verify your identity before they click the submit button

Step 10

Your DBS checking process then begins instantly!



DBS sends certificates directly to the applicant/employee and not to employers.

Once the DBS certificate is received employers are required to ask applicants to let them see the certificate.

Apply for a DBS check today

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This is the fastest way to request a DBS check.

If you would prefer to pay via BACS transfer, please use the following details and then click the button below to contact us.

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