Direct Payments Payroll

Payroll Masters has been at the forefront of providing payroll and pensions administration services since the inception of the Direct Payments and Personal Budgets. Some of our team are from a disability background, hence providing a wealth of knowledge and we appreciate how critical our service is to maintaining your independence.

We promise that you will never be “lost in the system” because we value every single client.

Why Our Clients Use Us

Our clients tell us that they come to Payroll Masters because:

  • They get reliable service, we are accessible and there are no service interruptions
  • We are very accurate because of our counter-checking system which allows us to offer an accuracy guarantee
  • They are assured that their HMRC compliance is done correctly and because they are working with us they never miss a deadline. Our software is always up to date which means that all rates and legislation used in our calculations are accurate
  • We free up their time because we take care of all their payroll and pension administration enabling them to do other things or simply enjoy being with family and friends
  • We reduce costs. Our client’s costs are significantly reduced compared with employing an individual to do their payroll processing
  • We assist them in all the administrative aspects of pension auto enrolment. This has been a big headache for many service users and this new and complex function of payroll services has caused a lot of other providers to leave the market

We offer full and comprehensive solutions for anyone using direct payments or individual budgets which includes direct payments support and advice, third party managed accounts, support employing a PA or carer, DBS checks and HR services.