Direct Payments Support and Advice

We are friendly and approachable. When you are in doubt about any aspect of Direct Payment or Individual Budgets relating to payroll services, or any of the other services we offer, we are here to help you, so do not hesitate to contact us!

A direct payment is a cash payment made directly to you so you can buy your own support rather than having it delivered to you by your local authority. This gives you control over how you direct your own care needs and maintain your own individual independence.

It is however a requirement to account for how you use the Direct Payments funds to the local authority. Payroll Masters can advise and assist you with this.

Individual personal budgets promote your independence by helping you to take control of your own support, enabling you to direct your own life through for example, using the personal budget to employ a Personal Assistant or carer to work for you or to pay for services such as attending workshops.

Payroll Masters Will Assist You With

  • Identifying and costing the right care package for you and offering you employer training and money management advice
  • Assist you with setting up all the employer liability insurances and identifying a payroll service (if this is needed)
  • We will assist you to recruit and draw up effective employment contracts for your new personal assistants
  • We will offer you advice and support on all matters relating to your duties as a new or ongoing employer
  • We will offer training to your employees on how to be effective personal assistants
  • We will support you as an employer, where there are staff disputes and problems we will assist in finding solutions

Our Fees

These are typical fees please contact us for a more detailed price list or to request a quote.

*£19 per month – unlimited employment support and advice, direct payments support and advice (with home visits – around the Birmingham, Tamworth, Solihull and Lichfield areas.  Your first home visit is always free of charge.)

*£9.99 per month – unlimited employment support and advice, direct payments support and advice (without home visits).

*£3 per month to prepare and submit quarterly council income and expenditure returns on behalf of the service user. (For non-third party supported account users and by post only – no home visit).

*Please request a quote.