HR Services

Through our two HR partners we provide help and advice on all aspects of human resources management.

HR Services for Direct Payments 

Mark Bates (Premier Care) are at hand to support you with all your Employment advice and support on the 24 Hour legal helpline below:

0161 603 2167 or Email:

HR Services For Commercial And Public Sector Clients

As HR management is now a large and very specialist area Payroll Masters has a partnership agreement with one of the most respected and well-known HR services providers in the UK, Opsium Employer Support. They have extensive resources, staff and expertise to handle complex HR matters that even a dedicated HR department can struggle to handle effectively.

With a 24/7 helpline employers have peace of mind knowing that a HR expert is always there to give support and advice on all matters regarding employees and employment law.

Opsium provides a high quality HR service and we are confident that our clients will be in safe hands.

Contact 0161 603 2156 at Opsium to discuss your HR requirements and let them know you are a Payroll Masters client.

Typical Opsium Employer Protect includes:

  • HR audit with full report and recommendations
  • Bespoke contracts of employment and employee handbooks
  • 24 hour advice line
  • Unlimited telephone and email support and advice on policies and procedures
  • Document and letter check and review service
  • Legal updates to ensure compliancy with current employment law