Standard Payroll for Direct Payments (PPA)

Payroll Masters was originally set up right at the beginning of the implementation of Direct Payments because of our own personal life experiences of living with, working with and supporting disabled people receiving Direct Payments and Personal Budgets.  This gives us a unique understanding of providing our payroll service, pension administration and recruitment support in a person centred way.

In addition to our professional knowledge, we pride ourselves in our organisation’s culture which is that our client is central and comes first in the way we provide our service.

We have NEVER lost a client owing to poor service

We GUARANTEE payroll accuracy

We are open, friendly, reliable and flexible and will always go the extra mile for our clients in supporting them to enhance and maintain their full independence, choices and control.

We offer a free home visit (first visit only) within Birmingham, adding a further level of personal touch to our service.

Our Fees

Our fee for a standard payroll service are:

£5.99 per payslip or transaction/invoice processing

£5.92 per payslip or transaction/invoice processing – (if you have more than 4 workers)

£29.99 per year – If there is PENSION ADMINISTRATION involved, for those employers with OPTED -IN employees

New employer setup cost is: £25.99 (one off charge)

**NB: Pension scheme setup cost is an additional £29.99 (one off charge)


  • We are able to run weekly, 2 weekly, 4 weekly and monthly payrolls
  • We charge an extra £1 per transaction processed via a BACS, cheque or direct bank transfer by Payroll Masters into a worker’s account or service provider’s account
  • We also have ‘online’ timesheet submission facilities for those service users who wish to save money on postage

What Our Payroll Service Will Do For You

  • Registering of the service user as a new employer with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)
  • Acting as agent and corresponding with HMRC on behalf of the service user
  • Payroll processing in stipulated frequencies weekly/monthly/4 weekly and so on
  • Quarterly/monthly calculation of tax and NI liabilities due to HMRC and assisting with forwarding payment
  • New starter and leavers administration
  • End of Year P35 online submissions (at no additional cost) and issuing of P60s to employees
  • Processing student Loans, court orders, SSP, maternity pay, paternity pay and holiday pay (at no additional cost)
  • Holiday pay monitoring/tracking and communicating to employee/employer on demand

You will have a named dedicated payroll contact, to give you the best possible customer experience.

Before we make your account ‘ACTIVE’ we will do a pre-launch audit, to ensure that you are happy with all the information we have entered during the setup process.

What Our Pension Administration Service Will Do For You

With the introduction of Pension Auto Enrolment many payroll services providers have decided to leave the market.  We assist our clients in all the administrative aspects of complying with this new and complicated aspect of payroll at a yearly fee of £29.99

You can nominate us to manage your account and we will make contribution payments on your behalf and provide you with a report.

We will also take care of :

  • Managing opt-outs and in
  • Enrolling employees into pension scheme
  • Periodic pension contribution payments calculation
  • Periodic preparation of pension contribution reports
  • Periodic uploading of pension contribution reports onto regulator’s interface
  • Paying pension contributions to regulator by deadline of 22nd monthly
  • Reconciling payments made to regulator with periodic pension contribution report
  • Monitoring and reporting periodic employee changes to the pension regulator (i.e. notifying them when an employee leaves employment)
  • Dealing with pension related queries from service users
  • Dealing with pension related queries from the individual employees
  • Dealing with pension related queries from the pension regulator
  • Dealing with pension related queries from Council

We will provide you with simple and easy to understand payslips and reports.

Furthermore, because we understand how important it is for your personal assistants or carers to be paid on time, we aim to pay them within 3 working days of receiving their timesheets.

Payroll Masters also provides HR Services through our trusted partners and we can help with Third Party Managed Accounts, Support Employing a Personal Assistant, and with our mobile friendly website you can submit your timesheets while you are out and about!

For a no obligation chat please contact us or request a quotation, we are here to help.