Third Party Managed Accounts

This service is also referred to as a Third Party Supported Account (TPSA).

This is an account which Payroll Masters provide to a service user who would otherwise be unable to manage their own Direct Payments or Individual Budget funds without support.

Payroll Masters will hold the service users’ funds in the Payroll Masters bank account and use those funds to pay service invoices and PA or carers timesheets submitted on behalf of the service user by an authorised service provider, carer or PA.

Our Fees

£9.99 per month to administer managed account facilities. Funding from one source only.

£11.99 per month to administer managed account facilities. Funding from two sources.

What We Will Do For You

  • Pay all authorised invoices and Personal Assistant or carer’s timesheets directly to the service provider or PA or carer on behalf of the service user. Up to 7 payment transactions per month
  • Provide the service user and Council with an income and expenditure report showing how the service user’s funds have been used
  • Act as the service user’s trouble shooter in ensuring that all the submitted invoices and timesheets are properly verified, authorised and checked before any payments are made against them
  • With Payroll Masters running this account for a service user, the service user can be assured that they will not have any financial compliance problems with the Council

The Payroll Masters Third Party Supported Account also enables the service user to have a mixed account.  This means they can use our payroll service together with a bill paying facility for example Payroll Masters paying regular invoices from other service providers on behalf of service user and also paying the service users’ Personal Assistants.

Up to 3 Home visits per year – In and around Birmingham, Tamworth and Lichfield (if required).

Additional funding sources monitoring is charged at £30 extra per year